Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tired but happy!!!!!!!!

Actually very happy - we pulled it off.  How ?, well we finished  very cold, and very tired  so the "how"  can wait til tomorrow.  Meanwhile take a look at this.

Those two little figures on the orange seats are us.  The five pillars, bunting, bicycle, and both bike racks -  all put up  over the last two days.....with help.  It has to have been the aabsolute coldest and windiest day for this winter!!!!!!!!!!!

Details in the next couple of days. 

Monday, 28 July 2014

I love street art !

Well today we started the installation of our public art project for the City of Greater Dandenong.  Street art is definitely a social occasion - next project I am going to dress appropriately for the occasion - that is when I work out what "appropriate" is!

Meanwhile we started on the small scale stuff....

then as we worked we chatted some more

Many conversations later the bicycles started to arrive as fast as we could stitch

And the finished rack proved really popular

Deceptive sunshine - the wind was freezing!!!!!! It stole the yarn every time we threaded a needle - but like good little street artists we soldiered on.

But we did it - added my best (so far) yarnbomb bicycle 

And left - watch out Dandenong, we're back tomorrow and this square will look very different!  Just a clue :  weather permitting we will have a man on a scissor lift to help!

postcript.  Just to make a fun day perfect, by the time Margaret left me at the end of the drive the wind had dropped, the sun was out, and  a friend broke off from ant eating to  greet me.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Noble Park Primary School Women's Group

Wow, what a day - number three blanket is finished.  You are probably wondering what these huge blankets are for. All will be revealed in a few days.  Our deadline is Tuesday. 

I think we may have had nine  different nationalities working together today.  We arrived early at the Noble Park Primary School community room to find our volunteers already gathering.

We started by checking out the purple blanket as an example and arranging the pieces for our pink blanket.  

Decisions are made and we're just about ready to start on words

 Many hands make light work 

then there was the sharing of skills

shared work, lots of words, many languages, all about  community 

The last stitches taking place

We celebrate the end of a day of chatter and laughter and lots and lots of stitching.

A truly beautiful pink blanket and a wonderful  expression of community.  Thank you Noble Park Primary School Women's Group.  You are brilliant!

Monday, 21 July 2014

The Open Door

Arriving for our second workshop for Cultural Threads in Dandenong we  had a good feeling even before we stepped inside the Open Door centre for creative spirituality..there were pretty plants everywhere, and a lovely garden.

We showed the stitching group our green and purple blanket from Tuesday and without hesitation they took up their needles  stitching away to make our red blanket.

The pace increased

We even got some bunting made - at speed too

We went back to the studio to finish off, tired but happy 

Two down - three to go!!!!!
and the deadline is Tuesday!!!!!!!

We had lots of fun  - knit just does that to people - and we are really looking forward to meeting  the Open Door  art group on Wednesday to work on our lovely yellow blanket. 

Tomorrow is pink with Noble Park Primary school parents group - looking forward to meeting you all.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Fine in Dande....

The preparation for the  amazing City of Dandenong Cultural Threads Festival is underway.  Margaret and myself are running workshops with community  groups in and around Dandenong  to create a huge public art installation centred in  the   brand new Civic Centre. 

We have spent weeks opp shopping for blankets, sweaters and yarn.  Why ?  well eventually you will see -  - its quite fun being at an opp shop sale - not quite the scrum to get in for a Boxing Day  sale but still quite a crowd. We celebrate success.  

Today we started with the Noble Park Country Women's Association.   This wonderful group has been part of the community for at least fifty years, and not just scones and cream, they do lots of work to benefit the community.  And wow, here's an example, show and tell of the latest lovely quilts made for the Queen Elizabeth Centre for Mothers and Babies.  

These wonderful ladies then set to work stitching their words onto our recycled knitting

By the end of the session we had this to show  Bravo ladies, and thank you, we are now well on the way to one sixth of the biggest part of the installation.

And so, back to Margaret's studio to finish off .......

I believe in a relaxed approach to work....it makes everything happen faster....





Thank you to the wonderful ladies of the Noble Park Country Women's Association, we enjoyed stitching with you.