Monday, 14 November 2016

forget-me-not..... in haste

I'm sure you all think I'm nuts asking for a million squares and rectangles.  The concept  is to make lots of quick and easy raw materials for a kind of stretchy kind of origami flower making community workshop. Then we (you and I) can  have a lovely time at a flower arranging community workshop to create the post and tank wraps - THEN we (you and I) can yarnbomb and create streetart together .   

Anyway on with today's explanation.

That 25 stitch, more less square piece on the top left can make 

a relatively conventional forget-me-not


a very quick and star flower that can be used as a star or a forget-me-not 

then the same  25 stitch square in green and we have a leaf

All are made from a 25 stitch rough square even though the finished size varies by the time they have been folded and twisted and stretched or squeezed. 

On November 27th  how to videos will start appearing so if you cant make it to a workshop you can still put the flowers together at home and drop them off during the week.

DEADLINE - absolutely no later than DECEMBER 3
For the next few days new flower samplers will be appearing here ......(I may end up having to make  a woolly sampler quilt)

Once again I thank my lucky Star Quilters - for more knitted contributions .....

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